I want to send a special thanks to everyone at Seniors Helping Seniors for all the caring and support you provided my mom and her family these past years.  We would never have been able to fulfill her wish to stay in her own home until the end, without the help of all of you.  With gratitude.

— Barb R.

I like everything about them. They are more like family to me than my own family sometimes. They do my grocery shopping for me. They help me get dressed and ready. They are a fantastic group. They are a great group of ladies. They have done a great job for me. I wouldn't be here today without the caregivers helping me.

— Jim O.

Everyone I have met at Seniors Helping Seniors is sincerely kind, helpful and loving. I work at a large senior living community nearby. Many of our residents have used SHS for assistance in many different ways. Nothing but positive feedback from the residents and their families. One particular instance was a daughter of one of our residents whose mom wrote down the wrong date for a doctors appointment and needed a ride that same day and her daughter couldn’t get off of work. I suggested SHS and her daughter texted me back that her mom was able to get a ride to the doctor that same day from SHS. The resident herself said the person who took her was so helpful and caring and they had great conversations together. The daughter was over-the-top ecstatic about the assistance and follow-through!

— Lorene S.

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